Basic Lead Generation Techniques – Which Works Best?

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Lead generation is commonly defined as “the practice of soliciting inquiries from potential customers” and can definitely have results if properly executed. However, it does not have a straightforward path.

As with any marketing technique, there are twists and turns on the road to generating leads. Over the years, experts have worked through all-nighters, drunk many-a-cup of coffee, and have performed brain-draining research to determine the most popular and/or effective forms of lead generation.

So which is the best way(s) to generate leads? Here are some of the contenders.

Social Media

Social media has been argued as the most overused method of B2B lead generation. It certainly reflects current-gen behaviour. Research by shows that Social Media is low in effectiveness, but high in use by businesses that delve in B2B and e-Marketing practices. This could be because of the several misconceptions about social media that lead to malpractices. But with lead generation in general, social media can become an incredibly powerful tool when it’s done right.


Video seminars done through over internet are another popular practice. The internet makes it convenient for people who just cannot make it to a face-to-face seminar nor spend time away from their job or business. Just the act of them signing up for attendance to the said webinar is already a way to generate leads. Still, does having access to a computer and a stable internet connection guarantee smooth sailing? Nope. Webinars still eat up time; time that busybody prospects may still be unable to spare in spite of all the conveniences. This is why webinar recordings are necessary backup. With the number of names, email addresses, and other contacts gathered from registration, you can make follow-up calls, send emails, send an invite to the next webinar.

Outbound Marketing

Finally, you can’t discuss B2B lead generation without outbound marketing. Research by Placester still put outbound marketing techniques (such as inside sales, telemarketing, email, etc) at the top of their list. There are a variety of ways to perform these techniques, oftentimes requiring extensive research and performed in combination with each other. But the fact remains, outbound marketing is not as outdated as it looks and can still generate the plenty of leads in the shortest amount of time.

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