Common Causes for Outsourcing B2B Marketers

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Why is outsourcing a very common practice in modern business? For the most part, it’s about contracting, or hiring, a third-party company to perform a specific business process instead of doing it on your own. The third party company can either be a local business or it can be an international one. In the latter case, some companies even transfer the entire business process to the said country.

Outsourcing is used for several reasons, ranging from cheaper labor to having experts who are highly specialized in a specific field. And in regards to marketing, unless you have a team of especially-trained marketers who can fetch you new leads for your business, then maybe it’s time to consider outsourcing.

As we all know, in marketing (especially in B2B marketing) leads are pretty much everything. A business can never be without leads. No leads mean no clients, no clients mean no sales, and no sales means no money. However, with businesses focusing on closing sales, improving their products and services, as well as creating new ones, there may not be enough staff at hand with the required specialization to do the kind of hard-boiled research the company really needs.

Let’s face the facts: While most companies do have their own marketing and research teams, most of the time, they really just try to find as many leads as possible simply because they’re trying to hit their quota. This is a case of quantity over quality. It’s the same thing when your sales agents try so hard to get a sale that they pitch to whomever they can, trying to make that person believe they need your services without knowing if they actually NEED it. Also, if one of your marketing/lead generation staff decides to leave the company, you’d have to spend both the company’s time and resources hiring and retraining to get them up to par. It’s really a gruelling process that most companies would like to avoid.

If you really are shorthanded on specialized staff and if you feel the pains of obtaining quality leads, outsourcing may be the best way out. In an interview by Pointclear, certain situations are broken down and analyzed, where outsourcing their lead generation processes have improved their sales figures and overall worked for the benefit of the company.

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