S.M.M Tip: A whack in the head can help you

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“When whacking someone in the head it hurts, but it does get their mind running”

Writing requires the mind to work, do research and understanding terms that is new to the writer. Well, at first i need something that can get my mind running. So i usually whack my head to get it running, but of course that doesn’t work i hope it would. It turns out that i just get dizzy, and i can’t write for an hour. Especially when it is really needed for SMM

But it does help my mind to work after that hour of dizziness. Because i got time to think of a topic suitable for a project they asked. But seriously, it really hurts.


Getting your mind running is hard when you woke up 4 in the morning and your mind will always say “Go back to sleep” or “Skip work for the day and rest the whole day” even though it’s Monday. Your mind or our mind is unpredictable, we always remember embarrassing stuff, always having a wisdom thoughts in the shower or bathroom, and seeing things that isn’t really there (I hope I’m not the only one seeing a woman in black)

Our mind is constantly working, but to the point that we are always losing our train of thoughts cause our mind is unorganized with thoughts that aren’t relevant to what we are doing currently.


A little bit harsh but we need to tame our mind. We can’t let it roam around and think all those past events that cause us to panic or such. Our mind is a wonderful thing that we take for granted; we are given the chance to live in a world where we can do everything. But of course we are unsure of what we can do with all of the restriction made by our fore-father.

How to tame your mind is like how you discipline yourself, we must erase and accept those past events as our mistake and our mind will slowly move on. We are the reason why our mind is unorganized, so it’s really up to us.

Social Marketing will need your mind in full capacity and fully functional when it’s time to present or write something. So Tame your mind and be unpredictable next time your business needs to think outside the box scenario.

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