Social Basics for B2B Marketing

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Social media networks grow in popularity as a platform for B2B marketing. With different people in different places gathering in one spot, it’s an ideal channel for content communication. The large membership in networks  only increase the demand for more diverse forms of content including videos, pictures and live broadcasting. The resulting melting pot blends people together into a huge group of audience that can help you hit your sales targets.

However, delivering B2B marketing content via social media isn’t always that simple. The online climate is hyper-saturated with competitors who thought of the same idea as you have. It takes dedication, consistency and creativity to build large number of followers and convert those numbers into long-term customers. So what are well-known ways that catch the attention of a diverse social media audience?

  • Decide which platform works best for you –Lesser known sites can be a promising avenue for small businesses. Not a lot of sites market on them but that can also mean fewer competitors. Large platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn on the other hand can also work for you if you can figure out how the greater numbers add to your pipeline.
  • Know your brand or product – Always know your product inside and out. Consistently execute your marketing strategy until the message and the product are all unified under your brand.
  • Develop your content strategy – Unlike face-to-face marketing, social media costumers work on their own timeline and can’t be too forced to move further into the buying process. Focus on using attraction to drive those decisions by only providing the most useful information for your prospect’s needs.
  • Act as an advisor – Treat your audience like you would your own executives. You can’t invest in good content without knowing how they define it. 73 percent of online buyers are more likely to ignore a site that doesn’t make any attempt at making this kind of connection.
  • Encourage spreading your content – Publishing and spreading content can be two different things. As you launch and refine your marketing campaigns consider distributing them unless you want your blog to remain a private journal.
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