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Speak out and be heard!

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The invention of the Internet and rapid technological advances has brought our entire world into a global village which has had significant impacts on business to business relations throughout various parts of the world. Numerous call centers and the virtual assistants have been established to connect merchants from diverse parts of the world allowing them to interact daily.

Speak Out and be heard!

The main obstacle has proven to be communication. Most of these jobs require a level of proficiency in English to prove successful. United States employers have a high demand for workers who they can easily communicate with so their businesses can remain running smoothly without any loss of time or money due to miscommunication. There is little doubt that those language students who work on their American Accent training will to have more job opportunities and higher salaries.

On the contrary: Nine times out of ten (by my less than scientific count), the speaking habits that prevent non-native speakers of English from being understood are the same ones that can make native speakers of English hard to understand.
These include: speaking too fast, slurring or mumbling words, saying things that are disconnected, or poorly organized, not knowing what point you’re trying to make, not leaving time for the listener to absorb one idea before rushing on to the next (see “speaking too fast”), etc. ,and finally notice that there’s nothing here about accents. In fact, if accents were an insurmountable issue, people from Boston, MA (my home town) wouldn’t be able to converse with their colleagues from Mobile, AL.

It is possible that people from North Jersey would not be able to communicate with people from South Jersey! Everyone has accents — the exceptions being airline pilots, telemarketers, and National Public Radio announcers — and yet somehow manage to communicate around them.
At the same time, however, there may be legitimate reasons for job requirements based on linguistic characteristics, such as requiring that employees be fluent in English or speak in a way that can be easily understood by customers and coworkers. Although linguistic rules will be scrutinized carefully by courts to make sure they aren’t discriminatory, those rules are legal if they are necessary for business reasons.

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Social Basics for B2B Marketing

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Social media networks grow in popularity as a platform for B2B marketing. With different people in different places gathering in one spot, it’s an ideal channel for content communication. The large membership in networks  only increase the demand for more diverse forms of content including videos, pictures and live broadcasting. The resulting melting pot blends people together into a huge group of audience that can help you hit your sales targets.

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Why is Telemarketing used in B2B lead generation?

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Telemarketing companyTelemarketing is one of the frequently used techniques in lead generation. It has been utilized by many companies for many years, and still stands strong together with online lead generation techniques. As evidenced by the survey conducted by IDG Enterprise, telemarketing belongs to the top five of the most effective lead generation techniques.

Telemarketing is indeed effective, but what is in it that makes it one of the most preferred choice for lead generation?

Telemarketing builds relationship and trust

Managers feel valued when they are contacted directly via phone calls, as opposed to being contacted though direct mail, text message, or email (Source: SCI Sales). A phone call is personal and shows effort to build a relationship, whereas solely using an electronic medium is seen as an impersonal and generic strategy. An advantage of a phone call is that it gathers not only concrete data, but also the prospect’s concerns, opinions and goals. Telemarketing builds relationships that are centered on trust, respect, support and value. When these four are present and are strongly observed in the phone calls, it turns a doubtful prospect into a willing lead.

Telemarketing allows direct feedback

Direct feedback benefits both the prospect and the telemarketer. For the prospect, his questions are answered directly and allows him to have a well-informed option. For the telemarketer, the data given by the prospect helps the telemarketer in deciding the best solutions to be used, and what changes should be made to fit the need of the prospect. Direct feedback is also essential for a phone conversation to be engaging and relevant, for a relevant and well-meaning conversation increases responses by up to 800% (Source: SCI Sales).

Telemarketing works well with other techniques of lead generation

Telemarketing is often integrated with email marketing, direct mail and print media, and combining these techniques together increases lead generation. Telemarketing directs you to a listening prospect who has read your email or will be reading a brochure from the mail. Combining different techniques is effective, for people are more likely to remember materials they have both listened and seen, as opposed to just seeing or listening to a material alone.

Telemarketing prevents delayed responses

Sometimes, emails do not reach on time or may not be read at all, and websites would be down for maintenance. Even interested prospects may forget you due to their busy schedule. Reminding potential leads through a well-timed phone call generates interest and action, leading to a faster response. Remember, a phone call is never ignored.

Telemarketing is cost-effective

Telemarketing allows personal conversations with prospects from other states or countries without spending a huge sum of money for travel, materials and accommodations. You can also save cost and reduce business risks by outsourcing telemarketing jobs. Outsourcing telemarketing jobs allows you to control and focus more on your business’ core activities, and at the same time receive the benefits of leads and sales increase (Source: Operationstech.About.com). An effective outsourcing company is experienced in delivering high quality leads with its well-trained team, guaranteeing a high return on investment for your business.

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